Four Seasons


It takes constant effort to feel cold at the beginning of spring’s eve
An ever-tumbling self amid the coming of the equinox
But that frigid air has been inhaled before

I have felt my lungs expand and believed it meant different
Flowers adorned with frozen droplets, gelid rays of sunlight
Like minds know what it means to be in spring

This is the spirit of the season

To regard oneself in the limitless mirror reflected in one
And discover therein lies the changing of the same guard
The purpose for which there is no purpose

Besotted visions for which no justification exists
Hour upon hour, day upon day, year upon year
You and I shall meet again


Cold summer I predicted
Wanting to feel your sun

But days I spent
In search of greater warmth

I could not sleep
My head spun aimlessly

Nor could I think or speak
The distance, too great to cross


Unremembered, the abeyant dells are reawakening
Yet I desire the return of autumn (cinereous season of opportunity)
Damp and glistening foliage, pastel sidewalks
The portends of the hell of brumal months
Still, I’d rather it were the days of November

Forked roads home to where circuitous paths led, I recall
Vacant beaches, idle ambulations among elms and ashes
There was, and is, and will forever be, a light that captures
The persona, the disposition, the fairytale charm of that fall

Our fall, those light-losing months
But that was many seasons ago
Interludes have passed, an idea risen and fallen

What do we make of permanence, effort?
Too little and too much, perhaps, say the sages
Wise- and talis-men, whose wisdom was known before they spoke

So to leave we must come again
Renewal sings an autumnal hymn


I heard the rain and saw myself in winter
And in the ceaseless stare pearls fell about me
Saving me in that desolate December

I could not make if it were this or a prior season
But within me existed a preternatural ease
Though everywhere the cold was unbroken

Trudging wearily from unknowing to ignorance
A misstep signaled the precedent within and without me
I was one with all and everything gone dormant

It was the beginning of spring’s eve