Among Other Places

Sean Coventry is the author of short story collections Things I Heard on the Way to Dying (Universality Press, 2011) and Love Is What You Say When You Run Out of Words (Smiling Hedge Press, 2016). He is also the author of the collection of poems and essays titled This Is Where Memories Began (Semper High, 2014) and the forthcoming novel Familiarity Is Unbecoming (Mack Four Publishing, 2018). His short stories, poetry, and essays have been published or are forthcoming in Codename Stella, Teapot Spout, In The Zone, Slats, Dissolving Margins, CTRL+C, Bootstraps Magazine, The Soiled Sponge, Top Hat, The Rambling Sentence, Smurov’s Eye, Negative Content, Left of Far Left, Polite Company Review, La Mancha, Fist Fright, IDiosyncrasies, Friend or Foe, City Pigeon, Polka Dots & Stripes, Brief(est) Candle, Fresh Tissue, Align Text Left, Morning Dump, U.S.Ape, Southern Biscuit, Sixth Finger, Dot Dash Hyphen, Welcome Mat, The Austin Émigré, 1307, Tadpole Journal, Irrelevant Words, Shoes Untied, Kirved!, Floor 43, Latticework, Blackstone/60, The Whirring Fan, Open G, Hills of Chicago, The Unpublished, Goo Goo G’ Joob, Macro 1, The Bearded Rabbit, Bidirectional: A Journal, Longtemps, Sidelong Baby Stare, The Unpronounceable Name, The Carrboro Pen and Paper, Flapjack, The Beggar’s Hands, Left-Side Up, Foxhole, The Helpless Academic, The Workshop, Pilcrow, Scholar’s Heritage, Chapter & Verse, City Stickler, Half Awake Journal, CHRONICles, Misplaced Skivvies, Coding the Jumper, Prose as Pestle, STET, The Journal of Unreasonable Opinions, Ketchup: the Magazine, The Sunny Dramatist, Victorian Nightgown, One More Croissant, Unfounded Belief, Blue Fifty-Eight, The Subscript, Buckinger’s Boot, The Rat Dog, Omaha! War Cry, Misschievous, The Last Page, Circles Dots & Lines, Lucy’s New Pot, Necessary?, The Avoidance Journal, The Push Poll, Dust Mights, Two Too Many, Mudroom, Very Precious Things, The Bad Thoughts Magazine, Kimchi, The Crick, Dark Matters, The Chicagöan, Secondhand Smoke, Dreaded Locks, Superficial Interests, For Your Safety, Without Restraint, Cheetaur, Among Other Places, among other places. He is a graduate of Peoria College, where he earned a BA in English Literature, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Acela University. His website is